Big Stepperologist

Big Stepperology was created June 30th 2022 = 6 + 3 + 2+2+2 = 15 = 6. The goal is to CREATE.....Now I know a lot of you may have heard of Organizations out of there who have artist who are members. I am taking a different approach. I would like to believe I am in control of my life and I intend on keeping it that way. Individually we all have different agendas. There are educational requirements that need to be met before anyone can even consider becoming a Big Stepperologist. Like any spiritually enlightened community we do things that are unique to our beliefs. To know if Big Stepperology is the right match for you just ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I value education?
  • Am I interested In the mysteries of life?
  • What impact has music played on my life?

If you value education and want to combine practical knowledge with the spiritual aspects of the universe then Big Stepperology is for you. I am trying to reach people who truly believe in themselves and are willing to create different paths for themselves. I am tried of being told what I gotta do in order to have success. The truth is I am already successful right now everything else is extra. 

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