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Big Stepperology - Chosen one 

Chosen One

As a chosen one I can't even roll in peace. The Demons can see my light because I have a very strong presence that's hard to ignore. What I learned about these demons is that they prey upon our energy to try to slow us down and keep us distracted from doing what we came back to Earth to do and that is to spread our light. These Demons our everywhere literally! They in your family so if you was ever wondering why you don't get along with family its because they are demonic in nature and they know who you are and they been sent to attack you to knock you off your path. These demons will pretend to be your friend and get you to open up to them about whats going on in your life like your goals and they doing this so they know how to attack you. These demons are also in the workplace so be very aware that them coworkers is not your friend. They are actually trying to set you up and get you fired from your job. Do not tell these people any of your business because they are going to go back and tell the other demons and they will begin to plot against you. Basically what I am saying to all you chosen ones out there is at this point no one is to be trusted! Smiling faces leave no traces! Its a spiritual battle taking place and these demons want to take you out of the game or get you to sell your soul. I know this information from personal experience. So to all you chosen ones out there I advice you to stop consuming bad energy(animals) and start eating a plant-based diet. Also, stop participating in 3rd dimensional things like smoking and drinking because these things are making you evolve backwards. Lastly, save your sexual energy that is your life force and your protection and so much more!!!

Peace, Love, & Light!!!


       - Grand Stepper Reek

Big Stepperology - Angels Versus Demons 

For those of you who may not be aware there is a spiritual battle taking place. A war on consciousness aka Angels versus demons. You weren't aware of this because you've been programmed to believe it was your skin color that created division, blacks versus whites. Racism is in fact an illusion created to keep you stuck operating in the lower dimensions where you can be easily manipulated. Demons do not discriminate as they are soulless beings hijacking anybody opening themselves up to demonic possession. This is why it is so important for you to protect your energy at all cost. The battle has already been WON the angels will continue to come out Victorious. In fact, many angels have returned back to Earth to gather as many souls as possible to lead them to the afterlife(Heaven). Earth is a form of entrapment. You cannot leave this body until your life is over. The game the enemy is playing I like to call it “SOUL TRAP”. When your living out of alignment, doing things you know are harmful to yourself and the environment you are in fact playing for the darkside. When you hear about people quote on quote “Selling there Soul” this just means the individual has willingly agree to work for the darkside for Earthly gains such as Fame, money etc. When they leave this Earth they will continue to serve the darkside in the afterlife(Hell) until they reincarnate back into this computer simulation(Matrix). 


Peace, love, & Light!!


                                        - Grand Stepper Reek

Big Stepperology New Discovery - Health 

The ultimate goal in this life is to become the best version of yourself. When we are born into this world we forget everything we may have learned from our previous life so we are dependent on others such as your parents who have been heavily programmed by this matrix. As you get older you begin to realize that life is just one big classroom full of information designed to keep you from ever finding out the truth. The truth that you are a body of energy having a human experience. That you have a soul. That you have a purpose. The enemy as I like to say has SET you up to fail. Now some of you may be wondering just how this may be and so we begin

Food you EAT

There is a saying out there that states “you are what you eat” so when you consume something that once was alive and is now dead seasoned and dressed up on your plate guess what you become? Dead. Not only are you consuming dead energy but that animals fear has just been transferred into your body affecting one of the most important organs, Your brain! See fear is the enemy's greatest weapon against you and without it becomes powerless over you. Although most of you will continue to consume animals and their products simply because we live in a pleasure and desire driven world. One of you will actually become conscious of what your putting inside your body because you want to become the best version of yourselves. Millions of americans are being diagnosed with a mental illness and are told by their doctors that there is no cure and that they will need to take medicine for the rest of their lives. Imagine having to depend on a medication prescribed thats supposed to prevent one thing but gives you 10 other health concerns while at it. 

Plant-based for the WIN

Instead of taking medication thats designed to keep you sick what you should do is switch to a plant-based whole foods diet. With a plant-based diet you will address everything going wrong with your health not just one area. Fruits and Vegetables do miraculous things to our health. When it comes to your health, everything starts with the food you are consuming. The food you eat will be the difference between you being a member of the “walking dead” and being apart of the Woke and alive community. Plant-Based for the WIN!




The Elements of Music 

By: Grand Stepper Reek

Contains 5 elements which include:

Earth Element =. Which helps the listener feel safe to discuss sensitive issues & show their vulnerability.

Water Element = Which awakens the creative flow in conversations & acknowledges the evolving nature of ideas, opinions, & solutions.

Fire Element = Which provides the energy & will to move forward despite difficulties & differences in viewpoints.

Air Element = Which brings lightness to conversations, making it possible to discuss difficult issues in a lighthearted & open manner.

Ether Element = Which invites the listener to observe the reality & hold space for everything that happens.

Song Example: Pay That Price contains all 5 elements.



Big Stepperologist  

Big Stepperology was created June 30th 2022 = 6 + 3 + 2+2+2 = 15 = 6. The goal is to CREATE.....Now I know a lot of you may have heard of Organizations out of there who have artist who are members. I am taking a different approach. I would like to believe I am in control of my life and I intend on keeping it that way. Individually we all have different agendas. There are educational requirements that need to be met before anyone can even consider becoming a Big Stepperologist. Like any spiritually enlightened community we do things that are unique to our beliefs. To know if Big Stepperology is the right match for you just ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I value education?
  • Am I interested In the mysteries of life?
  • What impact has music played on my life?

If you value education and want to combine practical knowledge with the spiritual aspects of the universe then Big Stepperology is for you. I am trying to reach people who truly believe in themselves and are willing to create different paths for themselves. I am tried of being told what I gotta do in order to have success. The truth is I am already successful right now everything else is extra. 


Why music?

Born in Philadelphia but raised In Sarasota, Florida. Music has always been a tremendous part of my life. I started singing in church as a kid and I remember my grand pop taking me to different churches for me to sing. Making music is something I am extremely passionate about. I have this need for expression and I express myself best through music. Through music I am really just telling my story and sharing how I see the world. I make music that I like because music that resonates with your spirit actually boost your energy. My music really keeps me calm and focused and I believe if it helps me then it will impact the lives of others. Love is in the right hands. 

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Press Kit



Dear New Fans I have plenty of new music on the way full of emotions and different intentions until the new content is released feel free to explore some current works of art and see if my style is a good fit for you. Please be mindful of the power of music before listening to any artist. I have several singles, 1 EP, & 1 studio album.






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