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Chosen One

As a chosen one I can't even roll in peace. The Demons can see my light because I have a very strong presence that's hard to ignore. What I learned about these demons is that they prey upon our energy to try to slow us down and keep us distracted from doing what we came back to Earth to do and that is to spread our light. These Demons our everywhere literally! They in your family so if you was ever wondering why you don't get along with family its because they are demonic in nature and they know who you are and they been sent to attack you to knock you off your path. These demons will pretend to be your friend and get you to open up to them about whats going on in your life like your goals and they doing this so they know how to attack you. These demons are also in the workplace so be very aware that them coworkers is not your friend. They are actually trying to set you up and get you fired from your job. Do not tell these people any of your business because they are going to go back and tell the other demons and they will begin to plot against you. Basically what I am saying to all you chosen ones out there is at this point no one is to be trusted! Smiling faces leave no traces! Its a spiritual battle taking place and these demons want to take you out of the game or get you to sell your soul. I know this information from personal experience. So to all you chosen ones out there I advice you to stop consuming bad energy(animals) and start eating a plant-based diet. Also, stop participating in 3rd dimensional things like smoking and drinking because these things are making you evolve backwards. Lastly, save your sexual energy that is your life force and your protection and so much more!!!

Peace, Love, & Light!!!


       - Grand Stepper Reek

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