Big Stepperology - Angels Versus Demons

For those of you who may not be aware there is a spiritual battle taking place. A war on consciousness aka Angels versus demons. You weren't aware of this because you've been programmed to believe it was your skin color that created division, blacks versus whites. Racism is in fact an illusion created to keep you stuck operating in the lower dimensions where you can be easily manipulated. Demons do not discriminate as they are soulless beings hijacking anybody opening themselves up to demonic possession. This is why it is so important for you to protect your energy at all cost. The battle has already been WON the angels will continue to come out Victorious. In fact, many angels have returned back to Earth to gather as many souls as possible to lead them to the afterlife(Heaven). Earth is a form of entrapment. You cannot leave this body until your life is over. The game the enemy is playing I like to call it “SOUL TRAP”. When your living out of alignment, doing things you know are harmful to yourself and the environment you are in fact playing for the darkside. When you hear about people quote on quote “Selling there Soul” this just means the individual has willingly agree to work for the darkside for Earthly gains such as Fame, money etc. When they leave this Earth they will continue to serve the darkside in the afterlife(Hell) until they reincarnate back into this computer simulation(Matrix). 


Peace, love, & Light!!


                                        - Grand Stepper Reek

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