Big Stepperology New Discovery - Health

The ultimate goal in this life is to become the best version of yourself. When we are born into this world we forget everything we may have learned from our previous life so we are dependent on others such as your parents who have been heavily programmed by this matrix. As you get older you begin to realize that life is just one big classroom full of information designed to keep you from ever finding out the truth. The truth that you are a body of energy having a human experience. That you have a soul. That you have a purpose. The enemy as I like to say has SET you up to fail. Now some of you may be wondering just how this may be and so we begin

Food you EAT

There is a saying out there that states “you are what you eat” so when you consume something that once was alive and is now dead seasoned and dressed up on your plate guess what you become? Dead. Not only are you consuming dead energy but that animals fear has just been transferred into your body affecting one of the most important organs, Your brain! See fear is the enemy's greatest weapon against you and without it becomes powerless over you. Although most of you will continue to consume animals and their products simply because we live in a pleasure and desire driven world. One of you will actually become conscious of what your putting inside your body because you want to become the best version of yourselves. Millions of americans are being diagnosed with a mental illness and are told by their doctors that there is no cure and that they will need to take medicine for the rest of their lives. Imagine having to depend on a medication prescribed thats supposed to prevent one thing but gives you 10 other health concerns while at it. 

Plant-based for the WIN

Instead of taking medication thats designed to keep you sick what you should do is switch to a plant-based whole foods diet. With a plant-based diet you will address everything going wrong with your health not just one area. Fruits and Vegetables do miraculous things to our health. When it comes to your health, everything starts with the food you are consuming. The food you eat will be the difference between you being a member of the “walking dead” and being apart of the Woke and alive community. Plant-Based for the WIN!




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